Front de Mode

Front de Mode 1

Created by Sakina M’sa, winner of the Social Entrepreneur Scholarship of the Kering‘s Foundation, this concept store spread over 200m² propounds to dress otherwise combining style and commitment. In a modular space designed by the architect Quentin Delepine, the fifty designers presented all have a common point: they are supporters of sustainable development, solidarity economy and they respect the environment. This place-Lab, sponsored by François Pinault, offers a woman, man and child selection, beauty and home products. Here, you can discover exhibitions, drink a coffee or participate to a workshop. Sakina M’sa ‘s idea is to share a new mode of consumption, away from the mass-market, focused on recycling, sharing and ecology.

Front de Mode 2

Front de Mode 3

Front de Mode 4

Front de Mode 5

And you, are you ready to consume differently?

Front de Mode : 42, rue Volta, 75003 Paris

HEY ! Modern Art & Pop Culture / Act III


After the success of the first two editions, Anne and Julien, the duo who founded the magazine « Hey! Modern Art & Pop Culture », come back for a new opus. Sixty-two international artists, representative of the lowbrow art, the outsider art, the pop surrealism or simply from the underground culture, came to shake up the codes of art and to reveal their often unrecognized artwork of the general public or unpublished in France. You will notice that US artists are well represented with Christopher Conn Askew, Marion Peck, Steven Kenny, Deborah Simon and Mark Ryden. But the other countries were not outdone. I really like the sculptures about the vanities by the French Hervé Bohnert, the acerbic drawings by the Serbian Aleksandar Todorovic, the « stones Laughing » by the Japanese Hirotoshi Ito, the babies monsters by the Korean Yu-Pei Lian and many others. Less gloomy, funnier than the last, this edition has an extraordinary quality and it is very inspiring. Do not miss if you are in Paris!


Choi Xooang











Steven Kenny


Hervé Bohnert


Claire Partington


Yu-Pei Lian


Francis Marshall


Aleksandar Todorovic


Deborah Simon


Till the 13th of March 2016 at La Halle Saint Pierre : 2, rue Ronsard, 75018 Paris

Spotted @ Maison&Objet 2015

Spotted at MaisonetObjet 2015

Armed with my camera, I roamed the aisle of the Design fair Maison et Objet during 2 days. This edition of September 2015 proposed a new organisation of the trade show. So it was a bite difficult to find my way. As usual, I could not do everything or see everything. But here’s what struck me…

&Tradition MaisonetObjet 2015

The Palette table designed by Jaime Hayon for &Tradition, a serie of three multi-tired tables mixing marble, ash veneer, brass and satin brushed stainless steel.

Hay x Bouroullec MaisonetObjet 2015

Palissade collection, some outdoor furniture designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Hay.

Nomess MaisonetObjet 2015

Spring scissors designed by Lex Pott for Nomess X WallPaper Handmade.

Danish Crafts Collection MaisonetObjet 2015

Speckled Red and Blue, vessel in hand-dyed eco-cotton by Martine Myrup for Danish Crafts Collection.

Tom Dixon MaisonetObjet 2015

Brew, a tribute to the mysteries of the modern-day coffee ceremony by Tom Dixon.

Michael Verheyden MaisonetObjet 2015

I really like the new collection of objects designed by Michael Verheyden, espacially the vessel in marble, copper and suede.

La Fonction MaisonetObjet 2015

I like the very functional aspect of furniture and objects of the brand La Fonction like this mirror.

Universo Positivo MaisonetObjet 2015

A special « Like » for Universo Positivo that made its furniture in Serbia.







New Comer : Arthur Gillet

Arthur Gillet Memento Mori 1

Iconoclastic performer, Arthur Gillet became known in France by visiting naked an exhibition about the male in art at the Musée d’Orsay. He also participated in happenings at the MAC / VAL and at the Venice Biennale. But it is as a designer that he was present at the last Maison & Objet. His work on the myth of Narcissus and vanity called « Memento Mori » was selected for the « Talents à la carte »: seven phallic objects between tank and bell which reveals an anamorphic on their reflective surfaces. These pieces are very conceptual offering a deep reflection about our time, the « self » and how we use design. This eccentric artist refuses to submit to the established rules, it goes beyond the borders of the graphic arts to achieve global artistic experiences. This is not his first outburst in the design world. He presented his collaboration with Cassina at the International Furniture Exhibition in Milan.

Arthur Gillet Memento Mori 2

Arthur Gilet portrait

TeamLab’s Floating Flower Garden

Teamlab x Maison et objet 1

After their dreamlike banquet, the artists of the Japanese collective Teamlab return to Maison&Objet with a botanical fairyland. 2300 orchids were suspended upside down in a white space. As if they had  some awareness, they rise up with the approach of the viewer and resume their place. This installation is inspired by the Kôan zen, some Buddhist riddles. By modeling the wonderful, the experience of floating flower garden called to the awakening and introduces the visitor to ecology. It was a real sensory experience full of poetry, a moment of serenity despite the wait to access it. Definitely, Teamlab are very talented!

Teamlab x Maison et objet  2

Design Trend : Precious

Precious Trend Maison&Objet 1

For this September edition, Maison&Objet inaugurates a new formula of its inspirations spaces around the theme « Precious. »

Henceforth, the three style offices members of the Observatory will follow one another at each session. They will develop a overall theme in a new space compound of a inspirations forum, a pop-up bookstore and a conference room. Elizabeth Leriche has the honor to open the ball.

Precious Trend Maison&Objet 2

Precious Trend Maison&Objet 3

Tamara Barrage « Second Skins »

Precious Trend Maison&Objet 4

Barnabé Fillon & Unfold « Seo of Tranquility », olfactive installation

The ways of precious are numerous and wonderful. They have the beauty of the rare and wonder us about the ultimate luxury. What is really precious?

it immediately evokes the cut stones, the mysterious crimped, sublimation of materials by the genius of man. In art, the precious presents a character of great delicacy, gloss or wealth. It is often associated to gold, mirrors and ornaments. But even if all that is valuable is precious, precious is not the same for all.

Precious Trend Maison&Objet 5

Nathanael Le Berre  » L’infini »

Precious Trend Maison&Objet 6

Based Upon  » Fragmented Crac »

Precious Trend Maison&Objet 7

Precious Trend Maison&Objet 8

Lionel Esteve « A Wander »

« I really wanted to evoke the precious of the nature.  » Elizabeth Leriche

Precious Trend Maison&Objet 9

Formafantasma « yours and ours »

Precious Trend Maison&Objet 10

The ephemeral bookshop, directed by Vincent Gregory of Nelly Rodi the agency offers a selection of works illustrating the theme of the bibliography and consultation space specifications inspirations.

Bookstore Precious Maison&Objet