Tracking @ Maison&Objet 2015


Armed with my camera, I roamed the aisle of the Design fair Maison et Objet during 3 days. This edition of January 2015 was full of events. As usual, I could not do everything or see everything. But here’s what struck me…


When design wishes the well to nature…This chair is made by Alki with a very interesting material: a Bioplastic 100% Bio based, Biodegradable and recyclable.


French designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec have presented their first collaboration alongside finnish company Iittala for the production of ‘Ruutu’, a collection of ten vases available in five sizes and seven different glass colors

MO 15 VIA 1

VIA DESIGN 2015 proposed an exhibition of furniture and fixtures prototypes designed by the new generation of French designers as well as a zoom on the VIA Carte Blanche to Normal Studio and a collection signed by Benjamin Graindorge.


The collection Audrey designed by Jean François D’Or for Maison Vervloet


The collection Blanche by Jules Julien for TH Manufacture

Pas de Loup

Pas de loup Cocktail Bar Paris

This cocktail bar renews the type in Paris. Pas de Loup opens on a kitchen where a chef prepares dishes that it is recommended to combine your cocktail. This is one of the peculiarities of the place: here you marry mixology and gastronomy. For my part, I started with a plate of Parma ham accompanied by a cocktail with subtle notes of pepper, followed by a yellow chicken with a beverage based on white wine with deliciously smoky flavors. The portions are not so huge but everything is really good. In the back, the space is darker, more cozy, smells of kitchen less present . The cocktails detonate by their intelligence, their balance and you can at any time request a custom cocktail with the certitude of not being disappointed.

Pas de Loup: 108, rue Amelot,75011 Paris

Secrets of workshops

Secrets of workshops Elizabeth Leriche 1

During the last Maison&Objet, Elizabeth Leriche for Ateliers d’Art de France offers a dive in the heart of workshops. A journey around the porcelain, earth, metal, glass and wood. She propounds  to us a journey to meet unique gestures and exceptional techniques. This discovery behind the scenes of the creation, puts this knowledge at the heart of current events and a renewed interest in the close relationship between the artist and his workshop. Within the meaning clean and in its most profound sense, we start by meeting a living art. 

Secrets of workshops Elizabeth Leriche 2

Secrets of workshops Elizabeth Leriche 3

Secrets of workshops Elizabeth Leriche 4

Secrets of workshops Elizabeth Leriche 5

Secrets of workshops Elizabeth Leriche 6

Chocolatexture Lounge by Nendo

Chocolatexture Lounge Nendo 1

At the last Maison & Objet in a delightfully regressive space, Nendo presented its range of 9 chocolates with surprising shapes and textures. It could be enjoyed with coffee served by baristas from Coutune, nestled in some cocoa colored furniture. For me it is the most talented creative studio of its time.
Meaning « dough », Nendo was created in 2002 by Oki Sato in Tokyo. Today, he finds himself on the international stage, with offices in Tokyo and Milan. The philosophy of Oki Sato is reflected in its design: transform interactions of people with the objects around them by creating a parenthesis in their lives. He has received numerous awards (Good Design Award, German Design Award, Elle Deco International Design Award, in 2012 the title of Designer of the Year by Wallpaper magazine) and several of his creations are exhibited in museums. In January 2015, Oki Sato was named Designer of the Year by Maison & Objet Paris.

Chocolatexture Lounge Nendo 2

Chocolatexture Lounge Nendo 3

Chocolatexture Lounge Nendo 4

Chocolatexture Lounge Nendo 5


TeamLab Maison et objet 1

On the last edition of the design fair Maison & Objet, the Japanese collective Teamlab has partnered with Bernardaud to offer you a dreamlike interactive experience. Moving images of butterflies, birds and fish flutter over and swim under delicate branches of cherry blossom, interacting with the ceramic plates on the table and reacting when visitors move them around. It was a pure moment of serenity. I could spend hours in this room.

TeamLab Maison et objet 2
TeamLab is the most outstanding digital technology based creative collective in Japan. They call themselves, ‘Ultra-technologists group’ made up of specialists in the information society such as: Programmers , Mathematicians, Architects, CG animators, Web designers, Graphic designers, Artists, Editors and more.

TeamLab Maison et objet 3

TeamLab Maison et objet 4

TeamLab Maison et objet 5


Siseng Bao Burger Paris 1

The burger takes Asian flavors in the Parisian restaurant of the French chef with Sino-Laotian origin Stéphane Siseng . Placed along the Canal Saint Martin, the Asian food bar offers Bao Burgers as in Hong Kong: a real delight. Here they work with family. The service is attentive and smiling. You can have lunch until 16h which is really rare in Paris. The decor is warm thanks to the dominant of wood and filament bulbs. I was installed on one of the large tables near the bay window to enjoy the view. I ordered the five spice beef version with sweet potato fries and an iced tea home made with spicy notes. Nothing to say everything was delicious! And more, the addition is not painful: 15€ for the lunch menu.

Siseng Bao Burger Paris 2

Siseng Bao Burger Paris 3

Siseng Bao Burger Paris 4

Siseng Bao Burger Paris 5
Siseng: 82, quai de Jemmapes, 75010 Paris

Design Trends: Techno Made

Techno Made Vincent Grégoire Nelly Rodi Maison et Objet 1

Vincent Grégoire for Nelly Rodi’s Trends Space on Maison & Objet January 2015 put forward the technology in the making…

Techno Made Vincent Grégoire Nelly Rodi Maison et Objet 2
The hand, the tool of a new luxury, touches and transforms. From the alphabet of materials and the grammar of technique, the savoir-faire of neo-craftspersons writes sensitive and rare objects. These works demonstrate radical singularity beyond their function. The art of making is freeing the object itself from the mundane, thus giving it the possibility to leave its mark upon time.

Techno Made Vincent Grégoire Nelly Rodi Maison et Objet 3
The metamorphoses that separate the raw material from the finished piece illustrate a vast and fascinating range of savoir-faire. The hand plays the leading role in the theatre of technique. A tool of the mind, we assign it its own intelligence, with knowledge shared and enriched from one generation to the next. The world of luxury gives new life to its value by bearing witness to the steps required to realise exceptional products. Similarly, designers overwhelmingly endorse the sensuality and singularity to which such objects give rise, as a counterpoint to globalisation.

Techno Made Vincent Grégoire Nelly Rodi Maison et Objet 4

Techno Made Vincent Grégoire Nelly Rodi Maison et Objet 5

Techno Made Vincent Grégoire Nelly Rodi Maison et Objet 6

Techno Made Vincent Grégoire Nelly Rodi Maison et Objet 7

Techno Made Vincent Grégoire Nelly Rodi Maison et Objet 8