Kitsuné Marais

Kitsune Marais 1

The Franco-Japanese brand Kitsuné Maison opens a new space designed by the French architecture firm HAau associated to the agency Nicolas Dorval-Bory Architects for the interior design. They chose terrazzo and tangy pastel-colored, very trendy at the moment, to decorate the place. On two floors, the store faces on the Boulevard des Filles du Calvaire while the coffee shop overlook the Amelot street below. I have not had time to test the coffee but it offers seating unlike others. So you can enjoy your coffee on the spot!

Kitsune Marais 2

Kitsune Marais 5

Kitsune Marais 4

Kitsune Marais 3

Kitsuné Marais : 68 Rue Condorcet, 75009 Paris

Oracles du Design

Oracles du Design 1

La Gaîté Lyrique invited the Dutch trendsetter Lidewij Edelkoort to reveal our states of mind and our relationship to the world through 225 iconic pieces from the collections of the Centre National des Arts Plastiques.

She made this finding: “Ever since the dawn of time, people have been consulting oracles to make sense of the changes in their lives, to understand what is about to happen to them. And the CNAP’s design collection, because it brings together a great number of iconic works in the field of design, of objects that have achieved cult-like status, is perfectly able to play just such a role. The objects in the exhibit were born out of desire, progress or need. As such, they represent a small fragment of culture, part of an era.”So the furniture and objects speak about us. Scenographic thematically, she has put forward ten major categories: Archaic, Nomad, Abstract, Naïve, Curious, Single, inflated, Organic, Humble, Mutant. Each expresses a desire, a life style. On the Website of La Gaîté Lyrique, you can also test yourself to find which one fits you.

All of this may seem very conceptual but, at the end, the show is pretty simplistic. I expected much more from Li Edelkoort particularly on scenography. The documentation and explanations are very provided and allow a better understanding of Design. Some may therefore be disappointed.

Oracles du Design 2

Oracles du Design 3

Oracles du Design 4

Oracles du Design till the 16th of August at La Gaîté-Lyrique: 3, bis, rue Papin, 75003 Paris

Petit Appétit

Jean Jullien Petit Appetit 11

La Mère de Famille, the famous french chocolate specialist and Fricote, the French magazine about food culture, have associated to support the exhibition of a talented illustrator : Jean Jullien. Called  » Petit Appétit », it brings together works by the artist on the theme of food: attitudes of « foodies », consumption patterns and market trends is decrypted with humor. On this occasion, gourmet products were created: the lollipop « Grump », a chocolate spread, a shuffleboard box « Les Cousins », a chocolate tablet «  Les Jumeaux » and two ice cream flavors. The exhibition takes place in two different spot at once: the concept store Colette and the gallery L’Imprimerie.

Jean Jullien Petit Appetit 12

Jean Jullien Petit Appetit 13

Jean Jullien Petit Appetit 14

Jean Jullien Petit Appetit 15

Galerie L’Imprimerie : 16 rue Saint Merri75004 Paris. From June the 22th to July the 5th, 2015

Colette: 213 rue Saint-Honoré75001 Paris. From June the 22th to July the 17th, 2015

Body Language

Dutch Invertuals 1

After a successful show of « Body Language » in Milan, Dutch Invertuals presented at D’Days in Paris.

Dutch Invertuals 2

This exhibition is an exploration that reflects, moves, shines and glows. The crafting materials are with character rather than function. They Flirt with new esthetics. At the same time they cultivate the presence of a new kind of language: Body Language.

Dutch Invertuals 3

Within the context of the future of way of life, the designers explore the esthetics and complexities of an increasingly virtual world. Technology is becoming invisible. The intactile world is gaining ground in the understanding of who we are. While physical objects lose its functions, forms are freed. What is left are merely bodies reflecting our identities.

Dutch Invertuals 4

Dutch Invertuals is a collective of designers who are expanding the limits of their profession : Edhv, Alissa+Nienke, A.Meijer, B.van Nerven & R.Gomperts,  D.Laurens, D.Dekker, J.Visser & M.Martens, J.Wand, T.Vailly & L-L.Jansen, N.van Bart. They are with different backgrounds, but with one thing in common: experiment is principal. They present the research into the meaning of cohesion. About the interrelation between objects, materials, parts and dimensions.

Dutch Invertuals 5


Dutch Invertuals 7


Dutch Invertuals 8