G For Giselle

G for Gisele

The art takes all its strength when without an explanation, it touches you deep inside yourself. Few works have this power! One of them is for me the Garry Stewart’s ballet "G". It is a modern adaptation of a 19th century ballet. I saw it for the first time in 2008 at Le théâtre de la Ville in Paris and this experience is still etched in my memory. Choreography but also the music and the staging had the effect of a slap. The time has stopped to never resume its course in the same way. Other works have had this effect on me. I’ll talk about in a future post. For now I leave you with Giselle.

Moje Beograd

BGD 5 Belgrade


The beauty is in the way that you look at things. Belgrade has not an obvious prettiness like Paris. It reveals its beauty to the only ones who knows how to look at it and feel its spirit. For these people, like a virgin bride, it uncovers its charms pieces by piece in small details. I miss Belgrade and its gentle way of life. Everything is more tasty in this town. It gives me such an energy that I find nowhere. Hopefuly, I come back soon ! This pictures were taken last spring. I’ll post soon more small details of this beuatif town soon…

BGD 7 Belgrade

BGD 8 Belgrade

BGD 9 Belgrade

BGD 10 Belgrade

BGD 11 Belgrade

BGD 12

BGD 13 Belgrade

BGD 14 Belgrade



Einstein On the beach

einstein on the beach

"Einstein on the Beach" is an opera in four acts written by Philip Glass in 1976 and directed by Robert Wilson. The entire book consists of short texts which do not form any particular story. The opera consists of nine scenes about twenty minutes separated by Knee Play. For Philip Glass, a Knee Play is an interlude between two acts, and somehow, it looks like the knee of the human anatomy. They also act as intermissions during which the scene can be rearranged to the following set. I has a passion for the fifth Knee Play: 2 Lovers. It is a beauty that I do not get tired. I can listen again and again!


Here is the text recited:

Two lovers sat on a park bench with their bodies touching each other, holding hands in the moonlight.

There was silence between them. So profound was their love for each other, they needed no words to express it. And so they sat in silence, on a park bench, with their bodies touching, holding hands in the moonlight.

Finally she spoke. "Do you love me, John ?" she asked. "You know I love you. darling," he replied. "I love you more than tongue can tell. You are the light of my life. my sun. moon and stars. You are my everything. Without you I have no reason for being."

Again there was silence as the two lovers sat on a park bench, their bodies touching, holding hands in the moonlight. Once more she spoke. "How much do you love me, John ?" she asked. He answered : "How’ much do I love you ? Count the stars in the sky. Measure the waters of the oceans with a teaspoon. Number the grains of sand on the sea shore. Impossible, you say.

Charlie Le Mindu

Charlie Le Mindu 3

I’ve already talked about Charlie Le Mindu during the last Maison & Objet in January. I love the works of this artist. We share the same affection for the Bérurier Noirs (a French punk band) and "Einstein on the Beach" by Philip Glass (I’ll do a post about it). Often reduced to the fact that he is one of the Lady Gaga’s hairdressers, it is much more than that. He invented haute coiffure: a mix between art and haute couture all done with hair. It may seemodd! But his work is very creative with a touch of sensitivity.  "Paris  Hait Gris", his latest collection is exposed to the Joyce Gallery until the 12th of July. To see!


Galerie Joyce : 168 Galerie de Valois, 75001 Paris


carioca 3

The World Cup in Brazil gives me some cravings of beaches, warm sand and Bossa Nova. I dream me like the girl for Ipanema. The Jesus of Corcovado makes me eye. My heart wants to beat on the rhythm of Samba di Janeiro. Summer shows its face and I feel carioca. I want to be tan with a perfect body in a bikini. Brazilian fashion has nothing to envy to the old continent. Brands like Osklen or Andrea Marques bring freshness and colors in our uninspired time. And even if the haircuts of the Selecao are quit ridiculous, the Brazilian fashion has todo bom. To prove it, I’ve prepared a special carioca mood boad.

So Soccer


No one can escape it: this is the FIFA World Cup. And we must admit that there is no event which has this power to galvanize crowds. It affects everyone, even the trendiest people has appropriate the codes of that culture. Fashion magazines multiply shootings on this topic. It inspires artists as creators. I prepared a mood board on Pinterest to show you examples. Everyone vibrates through this friendly energy. For a month, we gather around matches at home or in a bar to share the moment with friends. It recreates some social bond and we all forget economic problems: a sort of enchanted interlude! I love this cozy atmosphere even though I’m not a soccer fan. Tonight I’m going to see my team in front of the big screen of a new club that just opened in Paris. And like all good supporter, I will yell "Allez les bleus!" But I shall barter traditional beer to champagne, the Parisian attitude requires! And you, do you follow the World Cup?

Hydratation Essentials

moisturizing cream All Nut

Here it comes… The second part of my friendly beauty tips ! After Cleaning your face, the basis of a daily routine is moisturizing ! I do it twice a day at morning and night. I adapt the products according the needs of my skin. In summer and winter, my face asks for more hydratation because it is more aggressed by the cold and the sun. I like organic or natural skincare. My favorite brands are All Nut, Caudalie, Weleda or Dr Haushka. Don’t spend your money in expensive cream, it’s not more efficient! At first, you have to choose cosmetics suitable to your skin. Then, don’t put cream on your face like you spread butter on bread. Be gentle! Take time to make some small massage and let’s penetrate. If you don’t know how to do it, there is this video that I found on Into The Gloss. It was very helpful for me. Sometime, I like to spray some floral or thermal water before to put my cream. It’s a good complement and help for penetration. For night, I like to use oil because at this time the skin regenerates and needs a richer product to be feed. For day, I don’t use a cream with a SPF because my BB cream already have it. Before spend money in anti-aging skincare, remember that a wrinkled face is a poorly hydrated face! A dry skin is also due to a lake of water, so don’t forget to drink 1,5l per day.