My favorite cosmetics

Like many girls, I have a routine beauty: products that I absolutely can’t live without. This selection is the result of numerous years of research. As a scientist, I tested each product methodically following the various tips  that I can find from the press or on the web.

Créaline H2O by Bioderma: A must for cleansing every night even if I did not put makeup during the day

Clarifying lotion 2 by Clinique:  This lotion combines wonderfully with the Créaline H2O by Bioderma for a perfect makeup removal

Parsley seed cleaner by Aesop: A gem to wash your face every morning, although I was very disappointed to learn that Aesop was not part of the PETA list of brands that don’t test on animals.

Once a week I do a mask of green clay, or my favorite Dr. Hauschka mask or at one of Aesop parsley seed

Rose Day cream by Dr Hauschka: I love Dr. Hauschka brand: it’s organic, not tested on animals, cheap and very effective! What else!!!!


Right now I still have not found my night cream .Advice?

And you?  What are your favorite products?


2 réflexions sur “My favorite cosmetics

  1. {albert|alberta|alberte|albertine|albin|alda|aldo|aldegonde|alethe|alette|alex|alexandra|alexandre|alexandrine|alexia|alexiane|alexis|aleyde|alfred|alfreda|alice|alida|aline|alix|alois|aloysius|alphonse|alphonsine|amael|amance|amand|amandine|amoury|ambroi dit :

    Pas mal comme billet.
    L’article est absolument bien organisé mais aussi plutôt informatif
    Vraiment bien ton site, il est déjà en onglet


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