A Story of love and equality

mariage pour tous@Pola(20121220120439)

Homosexuals have the same obligations as heterosexual: they pay their taxes, obey to the Law, contribute to the economy. So why would they not have the same rights??? Is that at twenty-first century in France, the country of Human Rights and the Citizen, love is still a crime???? Should be added to our motto « Liberty, Equality, Fraternity » but only for heterosexuals???  Should we question such as Syria, Yemen and Sudan (countries « exemplary » in terms of human rights) « the principle of non-discrimination which requires that human rights apply to same way every human being regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity « principle advocated by France to the United Nations since 2008???? « Marriage for All » is not a reform that will put an end to unemployment or housing problems. But it is an important social measure as well as the end of the death penalty, the right of women to vote or abortion. This law puts an end to discrimination.
In any case (in my opinion), it calls into question religious principles as well as divorce and abortion are permitted by French law. After all it does not require anyone to marry and go against their beliefs. That is not in the public domain but rather the private sphere!


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