Tour Paris 13

Tour paris 13 1

It needs patience and love for art to access in the  » Tour Paris 13″ because I waited four hours and a half before seeing the exhibition (during a week day!). The waiting is done in joy and cheerfulness under a gray sky. At the end the nerves and legs crack but all of this was worth it!

Tour paris 13 2

For seven months, more than 100 graffers of 16 nationalities come at their expense, have invested a building slated for demolition for exceptional white card, the first on this scale in the world of Street Art. Brazilians, Saudis, Tunisians, Iranians, Spanish, French or Australian, enthusiastic artists shared the 36 apartments and sometimes even furnished. In all, a huge canvas of 4,500 m2 formed by walls, floors and ceilings, even in closets. The public can visit this ephemeral work of art, before its destruction in early November. You can see more images of this exhibition on my Tumblr.

Tour paris 13 3



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