Serbian beauty tips #1

gel mani

By dint to spend my time between Paris and Belgrade, the Parisian inside me is turning more and more to « Beograska Devojka » . For style , I think it is no more opposed than a Parisian and a girl from Belgrade. The first is defined by  her natural , the art of casual chic and her simple elegance . The second is sophisticated and loves to exalt her femininity by artifices . Both are amazing in their own ways . One thing struck me : a Serbian woman never goes out without nail polish , NEVER! She always has a perfect manicure even if she wears jogging . I investigated and I discovered their secret: the gel manicure ! You can do it anywhere in Belgrade even in malls . For some , it serves as a base with a simple French Mani that they can cover with color according to their desires. Others choose complicated things worthy of a nailart contest . The advantage is that this technique allows to keep long and strong nails . In addition , the conventional polish stays longer: no more nails chipped. It’s easy since I tasted I can not do without ! In Paris, the technique is not yet democratized , so it is difficult to find places that offer a reasonable price and someone who has the know-how . This is a call for help: who has a good address for a manicure gel that does not shall cost an arm in Paris ???


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