Mexican road trip #1

photo 26

I spent 15 days in Mexico: the time for me to travel 2,000 kilometers from Mexico City to Puerto Vallarta via Guadalajara, Gunajuato and San Miguel de Allende and discover an extraordinary country. First stop the Cuidad de Mexico …

photo 3

I was staying in friends’home so I don’t have a good plan to give to you for a hotel. But I advise you to visit the National Palacio for Diego Rivera’s mural , Frieda Kahlo’s Casa Azul  and the Templo Mayor.

photo 5

For shopping, I recommend the Mercado de la Cuidadela and especially to haggle!

Regarding food, I ate on markets such as Mexicans. Always choose the most crowded stand and you will never be disappointed!

photo 4

Frieda Kahlo’s Casa azul

photo 25

Palacio National

photo 29

Alameda Park

photo 28


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