Tracking @ Maison et Objet

MO14 intro

Armed with my camera, I roamed the aisle of the Design fair Maison et Objet during two days. This edition of January 2014 was full of events. As usual, I could not do everything or see everything. But here’s what struck me…

expo VIA

VIA Design 2014 – Numéro 111

VIA is presenting prototypes conceived by the new generation of French designers and financed by its 2014 Aid to Creation program.

cent motifs atelier arts de france

Exhibition « Cent Motifs » by Atelier d’Art de France

move me tender

Move me tender – VATex

three teams made up of a fabric designer, a furniture designer and six manufactures offering three collections of innovative furniture and layout. A premiere spearheaded by R3Lab, VIA and FCBA.

territoires creatifs

Creative territories by Elizabeth Leriche

Elizabeth Leriche has imagined for Atelier d’Art de France this exhibition. The art trades invite us on a journey. Geography joins up with the seasons and offers an itinerary leading to the ends of the earth.

cook design

Studio Cook + Design – Lecture « Tomorrow’s fine pastry » with Philippe Conticini and Eddie Benghamen.

talent a la carte

Talents à la carte awarded young designers from Turkey – Ceren Basgoze



Combining traditional Bohemian glassmaking with technology and the innovative design of world famous designers, Lasvit has created a unique lighting collection. Lasvit collection presents various personalities of the design world, their different approaches and solutions as Maurizio Galante, Arik Levy, Jan Plechac & Henry Wielgus and Jitka Kamencová Skuhravá.


PCM Design – Naturelike / « Else » vases design by Michal Fargo

These collections of vases are created with a technique developed by Michal Fargo where the final shape is defined by the mass and weight of a liquid material. Original models are made by dipping a block of foam into a liquid porcelain mix letting it insert and solidify through pores.

coralie beauchamp

Coralie Beauchamp

In 2013 the ‘Discoveries Prize’ was awarded to the lighting fixture, Résilles, which is made from spheres of resin, a transparent gel coating, and fiberglass with carbon braiding and leather zippers. These beautiful lights can be found in Paris the cultural center, La Gaîté Lyrique.

black cork


Blackcork is a Portuguese contemporary furniture band. The essence of the brand is based on the transformation of a material: expended black cork. The designer and art director Toni Grillo invited the talented new generation of Portuguese designers to develop this first collection.


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