Venice Freaks Show

Venice 1

No trip to Los Angeles without a stop to Venice Beach. This place is a strange mixture of neo hippies, tourists, surfers, boby builders, skaters, homeless , in short , a mix of marginal in all kinds. Love it or hate it but for me it is the image of California.

Venice 2

The more sports will discover the waterfront rollerblading and bicycling . Personally , I preferred to walk to stroll but also because I suck on rollerblades ! There are many more events (concerts and street performances ) during the weekend but also much more people.

Venice 3

Ocean Front Walk is the place to go for shopping at the lowest price . It is here that you will find  » tourist  » t -shirts or sweaters with original designs. My shopping list is long: red shorts  » lifeguard  » ( yes, I dared ) , the Hello Kitty glasses for $ 5, a sweater « I love LA » , a crop top  » California  » and some t-shirts with different prints as a Hello Kitty Gangsta or a portrait of Heisenberg .

Venice 4

Venice 5

Venice 6

Venice 7

Venice 8

Venice 9

Venice 10

Venice 11

Venice is not limited to the waterfront but I will tell you in another post.


2 réflexions sur “Venice Freaks Show

  1. I loved your comment on Garance’s blog post! I’ve been looking for Parisienne music and I couldn’t agree more with your little critique/recommendations – the songs you suggested were great! Happy to find your blog with such nice photos. Have fun in the US!

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