Desert Modernism Festival

palm spring 1

From April the 11th to the 21th is taking place the Coachella festival. But rather than talk about how to dress or celebrity looks at this event, I want to tell you about architecture! The Coachella Valley is not only a music festival that distraught fashionistas, it is also Palm Springs and its dream homes. From the 20s, the whole Hollywood, like Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo, Elvis Presley or Frank Sinatra, seeks refuge in this city lost in the dessert.Between 1930 and 1965, the villas are built in a very particular style, typical of the location: the mid-century modern or desert modernism. It is inspired by the Bauhaus movement and is characterized by expansive glass walls and windows, dramatic rooflines, wide overhangs, steel and plastic combined with wood and stone, open floor plans, outdoor living spaces incorporated into the overall design. The most representative architects of the movement are William F. Cody, Albert Frey, John Lautner, Richard Neutra, Donald Wexler, E. Stewart Williams. The most beautiful houses are located in the north of the city. I had the chance to stay in one of these located next to the famous Kaufmann House. The time of a weekend, I could imagine being a famous socialite of the mid-1900s. Unfortunately, the sun was not at the rendezvous the day I took the pictures.

palm spring 2

palm spring 3

palm spring 4

palm spring 5

palm spring 6

palm spring 7

palm spring 8

palm spring 9

palm spring 10


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