D’Days 2014

From the 19th to the 25th of May was taking place the « D’Days »: a full week dedicates to Design. For the thirteenth edition, more than a hundred exhibitions provide a showcase for designers who present the progress of creation around a common theme :« Movement ». So I started a marathon to see so many things as possible. Some would say that there was not much new stuff compared to Milan but I was pleasantly surprised by the spirit that emanated from this edition. It was much more open to the general public through museums and there was a lot of workshops in the « Fablab » trend.

DDays 14 Antoine Boudin

Arundo e Estrambord by Antoine Boudin – A project based on  canne de Provence @ Palais de Tokyo

DDays 14 Nao Tamura

Wonderglass with Nao Tamura @ Palais de Tokyo 

DDays 14 Parapanorama

Parapanorama @ Palais de Tokyo – A monumental collective installation realized by around twenty designers and artists with the assistance of the public, using the « Ensembles » by Jerome Dumetz, winner ATA Design 2013.

DDays 14 prix emile hermes

Majiej Chmara for the Fondation Hermès – Emile Hermès award

DDays 14 roues libres

Oscar Wanless and Attua Aparicio, Newton’s Bucket, 2014. Bowls in resin made ​​on a  industrial potter lathe @ Roues Libres- Collective Exhibition

DDays 14 La grande Motte

La Grande Motte by OXYO – Design collection inspired by a town’s architecture

DDays 14 ENSAD

Papiers Vivants – A Prospective experience by the students of ENSAD

DDays 14  Eske Rex

Drawing Machine by Eske Rex

DDays 14 Cassina

Patrick Norguet for Cassina 

DDays 14 Roche Bobois

Micka for Roche Bobois – a setting in which the codes of Op Art stimulate perception

DDays 14 Tai Ping

Elias Crespin for Tai Ping 

DDays 14 Boffi

Taken at the F(l)ood by Marc Brétillot for Boffi – The installation tells the amazing tale of a group of friends who take a meal on a beach –  An original idea of culinary designer Marc Bretillot and Laurent Denize d’Estrées, with the complicity of the Chef Alexandre Gauthier and the photographer Louis Terran





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