What's Gabber?

There a few weeks ago, I went to a « Gabber » party at Trabendo in Paris. Even if I know hardcore techno and the mythic Thunderdome Festival, I was particularly surprised by the style of the participants: a mix between the movie « Thunderdome » and the output of a gym class. But first of all what is the Gabber? The word comes from the Yiddish. It means « friends ». It is a movement from the techno music culture. It was born in the Netherlands in the 90’s and its only motto is « Party Hard ». In fact, it gives a cheerful band of friends who dance Hakken (a kind of bouncing jitter) on ​​music boosted at least 180bpm. Today,  Gabber spirit is still alives in Trap Music  and groups such as Die Antwoord. From a style standpoint, the gabber like comfort: jogging, bomber jacket, candy colors, Nike Air max, sports bra and ponytail with shaved neck for the ladies. Not very glamorous at first, but with the revival of the 90s, designers are inspired by the movement like Karl Lagerfeld with his collection Autumn / Winter 2015 for Chanel. This trend breathes new life into sportswear. Nike recovers the Air Max 1. Bomber’s comeback and made shadow to Teddy jacket. The croped top is a hit! This summer fashion trend is sporty. So to stand out, I advise you to boost your look at 200BMP and be Hardcore!!! To inspire you, I prepared a board on Pinterest.


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