So Soccer


No one can escape it: this is the FIFA World Cup. And we must admit that there is no event which has this power to galvanize crowds. It affects everyone, even the trendiest people has appropriate the codes of that culture. Fashion magazines multiply shootings on this topic. It inspires artists as creators. I prepared a mood board on Pinterest to show you examples. Everyone vibrates through this friendly energy. For a month, we gather around matches at home or in a bar to share the moment with friends. It recreates some social bond and we all forget economic problems: a sort of enchanted interlude! I love this cozy atmosphere even though I’m not a soccer fan. Tonight I’m going to see my team in front of the big screen of a new club that just opened in Paris. And like all good supporter, I will yell « Allez les bleus! » But I shall barter traditional beer to champagne, the Parisian attitude requires! And you, do you follow the World Cup?


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