Tracking @ Maison&Objet 2014

Armed with my camera, I roamed the aisle of the Design fair Maison et Objet during two days. This edition of September 2014 was not so rich like last session. But as usual, I could not do everything or see everything. But here’s what struck me…

jardins secret Elizabeth Leriche MO14

jardins secret Elizabeth Leriche MO14 2

« Secret Gardens », the inspiration itinerary by Elizabeth Leriche on the theme of shelters and shelds for the art trades.

Monocle 1

Monocle 2

The Magazine Monocle created a retail, lounge and café area.

Tom Dixon MO14 1

Tom Dixon MO14 2

Tom Dixon MO14 3

The designer of the year, Tom Dixon, brings a whiff of London to Paris. From extraction of raw materials to the finished product, the perfume production process unfolds before your eyes in « The Factory »


The world of well-being imagined by Simone Micheli in an experimental space with smells, sounds and smart features.

talents MO14 1


Talents à la carte: Louise de Saint Angel and Romain Guillet  – Two Parisian designers make up the same workshop for designing both space and objects. Architectural, scenic, decorative and fictional, their disciplinary creations handle both the digital as well as the handmade. They are also very fond of textiles and question quite happily the boundaries and connections between art and design.

talents MO14 2

Talents à la carte: Coralie Ruiz and Anthony Stephinson – This symbiotic tandem of artists trained in the visual arts space gives way to sensory interaction with the public, which is at the heart of their work. #submerge, their current project about the digital world creates a fantasy in response to the deluge of information.

talents MO14 3

Talents à la carte: Fabien Cappello – From ECAL and the Royal College of Art, stimulated by his travels and meditations on the limits of today’s world, this philosopher has been running his own design studio since 2010. His creations explore the possibilities of upcycling, promote artisanal and industrial production and seek consistency between the environment, intelligent use and aesthetic simplicity.


The sub-aquatic print from the new collection of Marimekko

Another country

The neo retro design of Another Country


The candy colors of Moser


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