Yummy Belgrade #1

Yummy beograd

One of my favorite activity in life is to eat and Belgrade has many places to satisfy my appetite. Here are some of my favorite places…



That it is four hours in the afternoon or morning, Loki is the best place to to relieve your hunger quickly with some traditional Serbian burger. For 3€, you will feel full of tasty food and you will never return to McDonald.

Gospodar Jovanova 27, Belgrade

Gnezdo Organic

Gnezdo 1

If you think that organic food is boring, Gnezdo will make change your mind. It’s one of the best place that I never try. Everything is delicious and fresh. I taste all the meal and I can’t say which one is the best. Their selection of Rakija is very good. If you don’t like alcool, they’ve got some awsome smoothies. It’s a small place so I recommand to book your table.

Gnezdo 2

Karađorđeva 43 | Male stepenice 1a, Belgrade


comunale 2

There is a lot of good restaurants at Beton Hala like Toro or Iguana but my favorite is Comunale.  I loved the decoration work of the architect Aleksandar Rodic combining simplicity and modernity. In the plate, nothing to say: quality and taste. I particularly appreciate the homemade sauces that accompanied the delicious grilled meats.


Karadjordjeva 2-4 | Beton Hala, Belgrade


madera 1

It’s a classic in town. Quite chic, you can meet celibreties at Madera like Novak Djokovic. But the most important is that the food is very tasty.They’ve got a good selection of Serbian wine, and I really love the summer garden.

madera 2

Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 43, Belgrade

Tranzit Bar

Tranzit 1

This place just opened. Tranzit is perfect for those who don’t know if they want to eat or party. In the spirit of tapas, you can share bruschetas or samosa listening some Djs playing.

Brace Krsmanovic 8, Belgrade


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