Le sens du Beau

Biennale Design Saint Etienne les sens du beau intro

Founded in 1998, the Biennale of Design in Saint Etienne gives voice to creative, economic actors, institutions, and for students. This ninth edition examines the sense of beauty through sixty exhibitions and events. Most of them are grouped together at the Cité du design: a place of cultural exchange and education installed in 2010 in a former weapons factory. The Beautiful in design, here is a huge program fit for a 4th year student of Philosophy of Art. For a whole day, I tried to assimilate each answer offered by nearly thirty curators: an almost impossible task in just 8 hours!

Nevertheless, here’s a quick tour to make you want to discover the places …

Biennale design Saint Etienne L'essence du beau

L’essence du beau

Featuring several projects of young designers, Sam Baron questioned the practice of design as a process. For him, the beauty lies in the project as well as in the final object. The design here is not only a finished product, but a way to turn an idea into a solution.

Biennale Design Saint Etienne ATTENTION


David-Olivier Lartigaud and Samuel Vermeil show how our surveillance society creates new forms like drones.

Biennale Design Saint Etienne beauty as unfinished business

Beauty as unfinished business

Sam Hecht and Kim Colin, from the Industrial Facility agency, present a series of commercial objects embodying in everyone spirit the « good design » : beautiful, useful and well done.

Biennale Design Saint Etienne Form Follows Information

Form Follows Information

Designed by GGSV in a kind of industrial cathedral with stained glass windows, this exhibition echoes the formula set by architect Louis Sullivan: « Form follows function ».

Biennale Design Saint Etienne Hypervital


Design can it repair, restore, remediate, protect or even heal? Benjamin Loyauté offers a fascinating journey on a useful design with a beautiful scenography.

Biennale Design Saint Etienne No Randomness

No Randomness

Nothing happens by chance in design. Oscar Lhermitte proves it. Through his exhibition, he highlights the tricks in the design of everyday objects.

Biennal Design Saint Etienne Serial Beauty

Serial Beauty

this exhibition wants to explore the relationship between design and industry through the exercise of the series. It includes the work of designers such as Jasper Morrison, Karim Rashid, Studio Job, Mathieu Lehanneur or Front Design.

Biennale Design Saint etienne vous avez dit bizarre


Vous avez dit bizarre?

Alexandra Jaffré identifies some burlesque forms of beauty in a scenography of dripping textiles imagined by the Dutch artist Bart Hess.


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