Oracles du Design

Oracles du Design 1

La Gaîté Lyrique invited the Dutch trendsetter Lidewij Edelkoort to reveal our states of mind and our relationship to the world through 225 iconic pieces from the collections of the Centre National des Arts Plastiques.

She made this finding: “Ever since the dawn of time, people have been consulting oracles to make sense of the changes in their lives, to understand what is about to happen to them. And the CNAP’s design collection, because it brings together a great number of iconic works in the field of design, of objects that have achieved cult-like status, is perfectly able to play just such a role. The objects in the exhibit were born out of desire, progress or need. As such, they represent a small fragment of culture, part of an era.”So the furniture and objects speak about us. Scenographic thematically, she has put forward ten major categories: Archaic, Nomad, Abstract, Naïve, Curious, Single, inflated, Organic, Humble, Mutant. Each expresses a desire, a life style. On the Website of La Gaîté Lyrique, you can also test yourself to find which one fits you.

All of this may seem very conceptual but, at the end, the show is pretty simplistic. I expected much more from Li Edelkoort particularly on scenography. The documentation and explanations are very provided and allow a better understanding of Design. Some may therefore be disappointed.

Oracles du Design 2

Oracles du Design 3

Oracles du Design 4

Oracles du Design till the 16th of August at La Gaîté-Lyrique: 3, bis, rue Papin, 75003 Paris


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