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Here it comes… The second part of my friendly beauty tips ! After Cleaning your face, the basis of a daily routine is moisturizing ! I do it twice a day at morning and night. I adapt the products according the needs of my skin. In summer and winter, my face asks for more hydratation because it is more aggressed by the cold and the sun. I like organic or natural skincare. My favorite brands are All Nut, Caudalie, Weleda or Dr Haushka. Don’t spend your money in expensive cream, it’s not more efficient! At first, you have to choose cosmetics suitable to your skin. Then, don’t put cream on your face like you spread butter on bread. Be gentle! Take time to make some small massage and let’s penetrate. If you don’t know how to do it, there is this video that I found on Into The Gloss. It was very helpful for me. Sometime, I like to spray some floral or thermal water before to put my cream. It’s a good complement and help for penetration. For night, I like to use oil because at this time the skin regenerates and needs a richer product to be feed. For day, I don’t use a cream with a SPF because my BB cream already have it. Before spend money in anti-aging skincare, remember that a wrinkled face is a poorly hydrated face! A dry skin is also due to a lake of water, so don’t forget to drink 1,5l per day.


Clean is the secret

cleansing tips

Many friends ask me at the moment for beauty tips. I therefore told me if it interested my friends, it could also interested you! Obviously, I’m not going to reveal you anything truly revolutionary. But here’s my first tip: Ladies and Gentlemen (yes, this also applies to you gentlemen!) Clean your skin every day! This is the basis to avoid pimples and gray skin tone. My daily routine starts in the shower. In the morning, I clean my face and neck with the Parsley Seed cleanser from Aesop or with a sulfur soap brought back from Mexico. Every 3 or 4 days, I use the Glycolic Foaming Cleanser by Mario Badescu or an exfoliating gel with micro grain to remove dead skin cells that dull the complexion. In the evening, I remove all the dirt accumulated on my face during the day (pollution, makeup …) with the famous Bioderma micellar water and tonic lotion 2 from Clinique. I give you the name of the products that I use only as a guide. The important thing is regularity! The face is like the teeth: it should be washed every day if you do not want to have cavities and yellow teeth! Choose cosmetics suitable for your skin. Personally, I have a rather mixed and sensitive skin. The price of the product doesn’t prove its effective. Do not get tricked by the marketing! Prefer brands that have already proved their worth. For example, my sulfur soap has cost only $ 1. I always prefers natural products and if it’s possible organic and not tested on animals. Especially do not be lazy and do not forget the night stage: it is the most important! You cannot imagine the layer of dirt that you can accumulate during the day on our face. So good cleaning! Next time, I’m talking about moisturizing.


I love essential oils and organic products. So naturally I tested the new brand Huygens. Its name honors to a physicist and astronomer from Paris with Dutch origin. Christian Huygens was director of the French Academy of Science from 1666 to 1681. It is thanks to his profound knowledge of nature he made his greatest discoveries.

huygens 1
At the origin of the concept, Daan Sins, an avid botanical formed at Lancôme and Guerlain, combines organic to customized products to answer to everyone’s needs. In the shop that looks like an apothecary, we choose the neutral base (shampoo, scrub, oil, cream …) to accord one of the 17 compositions of essential oils to suit your needs.

huygens 2
I tried the body scrub with Rosewood (€ 23.40), a mixture of fragrant of Earl Grey and rosebuds in anti-stress virtues, uplifting and motivating. I loved the texture with its microparticles exfoliating but not aggressive for skin . I also test the bath oil verbena (€ 26.90) whose scent is a true moment of happiness.
Huygens: 24, rue du Temple, 75004 Paris / http://www.huygens.fr

Serbian beauty tips #1

gel mani

By dint to spend my time between Paris and Belgrade, the Parisian inside me is turning more and more to « Beograska Devojka » . For style , I think it is no more opposed than a Parisian and a girl from Belgrade. The first is defined by  her natural , the art of casual chic and her simple elegance . The second is sophisticated and loves to exalt her femininity by artifices . Both are amazing in their own ways . One thing struck me : a Serbian woman never goes out without nail polish , NEVER! She always has a perfect manicure even if she wears jogging . I investigated and I discovered their secret: the gel manicure ! You can do it anywhere in Belgrade even in malls . For some , it serves as a base with a simple French Mani that they can cover with color according to their desires. Others choose complicated things worthy of a nailart contest . The advantage is that this technique allows to keep long and strong nails . In addition , the conventional polish stays longer: no more nails chipped. It’s easy since I tasted I can not do without ! In Paris, the technique is not yet democratized , so it is difficult to find places that offer a reasonable price and someone who has the know-how . This is a call for help: who has a good address for a manicure gel that does not shall cost an arm in Paris ???

C.O. Bigelow


Known as the oldest pharmacy in the United States, C.O. Bigelow opened its doors in 1838. In addition to the house products such as the famous Salve Balm roses, there are a lot of cosmetic with an obsolete packaging, organic products and beautiful worldwide brands. In short, it’s a bond stop in New York for any self-respecting beauty addict! Of course, I cracked … I even regret not taking a bigger suitcase! My greatest discovery is Dr. Singha’s powder for bath with purifying and relaxing effects. If you do not have the chance to travel to the United States know that they have an online store.
414 6th Ave, New York, NY 10011, USA

All Nut

all nut @Pola(20130108114611)

On my last trip to Belgrade, I was finally able to visit the shop « All nut » in Belgrade  Design District. The first mission was to find the famous Belgrade Design District but that I will tell you a bit more in a future post.
All nut, what is it? These are natural handmade products with local raw materials: Cold-pressed edible oil from the seeds of plum, apricot seeds and nuts, handmade cosmetic products Such as: soaps, creams, serums and ointments for skin care, body lotions, massage oils (sports, relaxation and erotic) and the beeswax candle, all with a nice packaging. In short, everything that I love!
I cracked for the hand cream (divine) hazelnut serum and a body lotion. The products are very cheap and with a very good quality. The proprietors are charming and speak English! One thing is sure, I will return!

Čumićevo sokače, shop No. 25, 11 000, Belgrade