Design Trend: Wild

Design tends MO16 WILD 1

For this January edition, Maison&Objet presented its inspirations spaces around the theme « Wild » with a scenography designed by François Bernard.

Design tends MO16 WILD 2

Between threat of disappearance and hope for revival, nature takes over, expressing itself in all its first states, from the wild to the sacred. Confronted with a world formatted by technology, urbanization and excessive domestication, the imaginary gets wilder off the beaten tracks, and finds refuge in the innocence of an essential, preserved landscape, untouched. Contemporary creation convenes wild spirits. We return to the forest to reset. Forms and materials reconnect with elements to be in line with Mother Earth. The wild poetic gleans the elementary, the raw, the misshapen, the corroded, the burnt, the scarified. We reinject some nature into the urban space, in search of new wastelands. As shamans, designers call upon the magic of spirits and supernatural forces.

Design tends MO16 WILD 3

Design tends MO16 WILD 4

Design tends MO16 WILD 5


The inspirations spaces was completed by a Bookstore in partnership with the 107 Rivoli and a coffee shop that offered some hot drinks devised by Marc Brétillot like a delicious coffee with cardamom, angelica roots and coal . All of this part was presented in a scenography by Elizabeth Leriche.

Design tends MO16 WILD 7

Design tends MO16 WILD 8

Design tends MO16 WILD 9


Design Trend : Precious

Precious Trend Maison&Objet 1

For this September edition, Maison&Objet inaugurates a new formula of its inspirations spaces around the theme « Precious. »

Henceforth, the three style offices members of the Observatory will follow one another at each session. They will develop a overall theme in a new space compound of a inspirations forum, a pop-up bookstore and a conference room. Elizabeth Leriche has the honor to open the ball.

Precious Trend Maison&Objet 2

Precious Trend Maison&Objet 3

Tamara Barrage « Second Skins »

Precious Trend Maison&Objet 4

Barnabé Fillon & Unfold « Seo of Tranquility », olfactive installation

The ways of precious are numerous and wonderful. They have the beauty of the rare and wonder us about the ultimate luxury. What is really precious?

it immediately evokes the cut stones, the mysterious crimped, sublimation of materials by the genius of man. In art, the precious presents a character of great delicacy, gloss or wealth. It is often associated to gold, mirrors and ornaments. But even if all that is valuable is precious, precious is not the same for all.

Precious Trend Maison&Objet 5

Nathanael Le Berre  » L’infini »

Precious Trend Maison&Objet 6

Based Upon  » Fragmented Crac »

Precious Trend Maison&Objet 7

Precious Trend Maison&Objet 8

Lionel Esteve « A Wander »

« I really wanted to evoke the precious of the nature.  » Elizabeth Leriche

Precious Trend Maison&Objet 9

Formafantasma « yours and ours »

Precious Trend Maison&Objet 10

The ephemeral bookshop, directed by Vincent Gregory of Nelly Rodi the agency offers a selection of works illustrating the theme of the bibliography and consultation space specifications inspirations.

Bookstore Precious Maison&Objet

Secrets of workshops

Secrets of workshops Elizabeth Leriche 1

During the last Maison&Objet, Elizabeth Leriche for Ateliers d’Art de France offers a dive in the heart of workshops. A journey around the porcelain, earth, metal, glass and wood. She propounds  to us a journey to meet unique gestures and exceptional techniques. This discovery behind the scenes of the creation, puts this knowledge at the heart of current events and a renewed interest in the close relationship between the artist and his workshop. Within the meaning clean and in its most profound sense, we start by meeting a living art. 

Secrets of workshops Elizabeth Leriche 2

Secrets of workshops Elizabeth Leriche 3

Secrets of workshops Elizabeth Leriche 4

Secrets of workshops Elizabeth Leriche 5

Secrets of workshops Elizabeth Leriche 6

Design Trends: Humain Made

Human Made Elizabeth Leriche Maison et Objet 1

Elizabeth Leriche’s Trends Space Maison & Objet January 2015 put forward the humain in the making…

Human Made Elizabeth Leriche Maison et Objet 2

Agustina Bottoni / Simon Hasan

The hand, the tool of a new luxury, touches and transforms. From the alphabet of materials and the grammar of technique, the savoir-faire of neo-craftspersons writes sensitive and rare objects. These works demonstrate radical singularity beyond their function. The art of making is freeing the object itself from the mundane, thus giving it the possibility to leave its mark upon time.

Human Made Elizabeth Leriche Maison et Objet 3

Human Made Elizabeth Leriche Maison et Objet 4

Michal Cerderbaum & NoamDover

The metamorphoses that separate the raw material from the finished piece illustrate a vast and fascinating range of savoir-faire. The hand plays the leading role in the theatre of technique. A tool of the mind, we assign it its own intelligence, with knowledge shared and enriched from one generation to the next. The world of luxury gives new life to its value by bearing witness to the steps required to realise exceptional products. Similarly, designers overwhelmingly endorse the sensuality and singularity to which such objects give rise, as a counterpoint to globalisation.

Human Made Elizabeth Leriche Maison et Objet 5

Tortus Studio

Human Made Elizabeth Leriche Maison et Objet 6


Tracking @ Maison&Objet 2014

Armed with my camera, I roamed the aisle of the Design fair Maison et Objet during two days. This edition of September 2014 was not so rich like last session. But as usual, I could not do everything or see everything. But here’s what struck me…

jardins secret Elizabeth Leriche MO14

jardins secret Elizabeth Leriche MO14 2

« Secret Gardens », the inspiration itinerary by Elizabeth Leriche on the theme of shelters and shelds for the art trades.

Monocle 1

Monocle 2

The Magazine Monocle created a retail, lounge and café area.

Tom Dixon MO14 1

Tom Dixon MO14 2

Tom Dixon MO14 3

The designer of the year, Tom Dixon, brings a whiff of London to Paris. From extraction of raw materials to the finished product, the perfume production process unfolds before your eyes in « The Factory »


The world of well-being imagined by Simone Micheli in an experimental space with smells, sounds and smart features.

talents MO14 1


Talents à la carte: Louise de Saint Angel and Romain Guillet  – Two Parisian designers make up the same workshop for designing both space and objects. Architectural, scenic, decorative and fictional, their disciplinary creations handle both the digital as well as the handmade. They are also very fond of textiles and question quite happily the boundaries and connections between art and design.

talents MO14 2

Talents à la carte: Coralie Ruiz and Anthony Stephinson – This symbiotic tandem of artists trained in the visual arts space gives way to sensory interaction with the public, which is at the heart of their work. #submerge, their current project about the digital world creates a fantasy in response to the deluge of information.

talents MO14 3

Talents à la carte: Fabien Cappello – From ECAL and the Royal College of Art, stimulated by his travels and meditations on the limits of today’s world, this philosopher has been running his own design studio since 2010. His creations explore the possibilities of upcycling, promote artisanal and industrial production and seek consistency between the environment, intelligent use and aesthetic simplicity.


The sub-aquatic print from the new collection of Marimekko

Another country

The neo retro design of Another Country


The candy colors of Moser

Design Trends: Words

Words Elizabeth MO14 1

Elizabeth Leriche’s Trends Space on Maison & Objet september 2014 shares words and meaning…  

Words Elizabeth MO14 2

« Dans le silences des Psaumes » Elisabeth Raphaël

Letters and words are resisting the supremacy of digital communication. New sign languages are calligraphizing contemporary everyday life. Writing is becoming a pictorial object that is filling spaces, surfaces and materials. Graphic and typographic effects are writing a feast of words that communicates with poetry and meaning and revives our social bonds.

Words Elizabeth MO14 3

« Mélodie Nostalgique » Faezeh Afchary-Kords

Words Elizabeth MO14 4

« Rain Bottle » Nendo

Words Elizabeth MO14 5

« Words are things » Ebon Heath

Words Elizabeth MO14 6

Tracking @ Maison et Objet

MO14 intro

Armed with my camera, I roamed the aisle of the Design fair Maison et Objet during two days. This edition of January 2014 was full of events. As usual, I could not do everything or see everything. But here’s what struck me…

expo VIA

VIA Design 2014 – Numéro 111

VIA is presenting prototypes conceived by the new generation of French designers and financed by its 2014 Aid to Creation program.

cent motifs atelier arts de france

Exhibition « Cent Motifs » by Atelier d’Art de France

move me tender

Move me tender – VATex

three teams made up of a fabric designer, a furniture designer and six manufactures offering three collections of innovative furniture and layout. A premiere spearheaded by R3Lab, VIA and FCBA.

territoires creatifs

Creative territories by Elizabeth Leriche

Elizabeth Leriche has imagined for Atelier d’Art de France this exhibition. The art trades invite us on a journey. Geography joins up with the seasons and offers an itinerary leading to the ends of the earth.

cook design

Studio Cook + Design – Lecture « Tomorrow’s fine pastry » with Philippe Conticini and Eddie Benghamen.

talent a la carte

Talents à la carte awarded young designers from Turkey – Ceren Basgoze



Combining traditional Bohemian glassmaking with technology and the innovative design of world famous designers, Lasvit has created a unique lighting collection. Lasvit collection presents various personalities of the design world, their different approaches and solutions as Maurizio Galante, Arik Levy, Jan Plechac & Henry Wielgus and Jitka Kamencová Skuhravá.


PCM Design – Naturelike / « Else » vases design by Michal Fargo

These collections of vases are created with a technique developed by Michal Fargo where the final shape is defined by the mass and weight of a liquid material. Original models are made by dipping a block of foam into a liquid porcelain mix letting it insert and solidify through pores.

coralie beauchamp

Coralie Beauchamp

In 2013 the ‘Discoveries Prize’ was awarded to the lighting fixture, Résilles, which is made from spheres of resin, a transparent gel coating, and fiberglass with carbon braiding and leather zippers. These beautiful lights can be found in Paris the cultural center, La Gaîté Lyrique.

black cork


Blackcork is a Portuguese contemporary furniture band. The essence of the brand is based on the transformation of a material: expended black cork. The designer and art director Toni Grillo invited the talented new generation of Portuguese designers to develop this first collection.