Design Trend: Wild

Design tends MO16 WILD 1

For this January edition, Maison&Objet presented its inspirations spaces around the theme « Wild » with a scenography designed by François Bernard.

Design tends MO16 WILD 2

Between threat of disappearance and hope for revival, nature takes over, expressing itself in all its first states, from the wild to the sacred. Confronted with a world formatted by technology, urbanization and excessive domestication, the imaginary gets wilder off the beaten tracks, and finds refuge in the innocence of an essential, preserved landscape, untouched. Contemporary creation convenes wild spirits. We return to the forest to reset. Forms and materials reconnect with elements to be in line with Mother Earth. The wild poetic gleans the elementary, the raw, the misshapen, the corroded, the burnt, the scarified. We reinject some nature into the urban space, in search of new wastelands. As shamans, designers call upon the magic of spirits and supernatural forces.

Design tends MO16 WILD 3

Design tends MO16 WILD 4

Design tends MO16 WILD 5


The inspirations spaces was completed by a Bookstore in partnership with the 107 Rivoli and a coffee shop that offered some hot drinks devised by Marc Brétillot like a delicious coffee with cardamom, angelica roots and coal . All of this part was presented in a scenography by Elizabeth Leriche.

Design tends MO16 WILD 7

Design tends MO16 WILD 8

Design tends MO16 WILD 9


Design Trends: Nature Made

Nature Made 1 Maison et objet François Bernard

François Bernard’s Trends Space on Maison & Objet January 2015 put forward the nature in the making…

Nature Made 2 Maison et objet François Bernard

Nature Made 3 Maison et objet François Bernard

Nature Made 4 Maison et Objet François Bernard

Origine Atelier

Life scientists, artists and designers summon the spirit of Mother Nature and dabble in her laws with rather sorcerer-like rituals. Letting chance, experiments and mutations made by these bio-magicians catalyse wondrous things. Thus are born fascinating creations that herald a new generation of objects.

Nature Made 5 Maison et objet François Bernard

Observing natural phenomena sustains the quest for knowledge and beauty. It leads scientists and designers towards a common experimentation platform. Their work anticipates approaches to manufacturing that mimic or utilise the ways living things develop, to recreate their fascinating magic and spontaneous mutations.

Nature Made 6 Maison et objet François Bernard

Nature Made 7 Maison et objet François Bernard

Wim L. Noorduin

Alongside these empirical approaches are appearing new families of objects. They use organic properties and compose with time, to satisfy our need for contemplation and enchantment.

Nature Made 8 Maison et objet François Bernard

Hilden and Diaz

Nature Made 9 Maison et objet François Bernard

Brabbu Design Forces


Design Trends: Experiental

Experiental François Bernard MO14 1

François Bernard’s Trends Space on Maison & Objet september 2014 shares experiences…

Experiental François Bernard MO14 4

Digital worlds now allow us to design new systems for sharing sense experiences. Interconnectedness is creating innovative relationships between man and object, man and space. Animated objects have led to better living. Wonderful design is giving shape to a kind, poetic way of thinking about everyday life in which technologies seek to materialize the invisible.

Experiental François Bernard MO14 2

Experiental François Bernard MO14 3

« Kymat » Project by Sven Meyer / Elfenmaschine



Experiental François Bernard MO14 5

« Inaho » Project by tangent:



Experiental François Bernard MO14 6

The MOMENTum Project by Kappes

Let’s Share…

inspirations trends sharing

This edition of Spetember 2014, the Observatoire de MAISON&OBJET has clicked on the “share” icon and is reflecting the latest influences in design and decoration. With the running theme “Sharing”, it explores the dynamics of “creative sharing” and foresees a benevolent future. Our era is clicking on the “Share” icon. Generation G for Generosity is bashing cynicism and liking “We”. New uses and values are reconfiguring ways of living together, exchanging information, goods, services and experiences. In the digital age, networking information is producing new tools with emerging practices in an economy of collaboration and cooperation. We are seeing a dynamic of creative sharing which is programming the future of a caring world.


François Bernard’s Trends Space on Maison & Objet january 2014 tans elsewhere under the Sun

heliotropic 2

A solar art of living is wandering through enclaves that are festive or quiet, transgressive or meditative, in an often somber time. Hotly blazing suns are like the metal of a blade taken from the embers. Midnight suns, white nights, cold suns gleaming like mercury. The heavenly body that is the sun is irradiating creation. It is divine, artsy, sexy, sometimes kitschy and eccentric, luxurious and joyful. Irresistibly hot.

heliotropic 1

In this trend space, the objects are presented in a movie that you look installed in a deckchair.


photo 1

François Bernard’s Trends Space on Maison & Objet September 2013 explores the Energy of the Imagination.

 photo 3

Its brain bubbling over, design is exploring the fields of invisible forces in which the spiritual and the strange converge. A psychedelic reverie is soaring beyond the real and leading us into other dimensions. As the mind wanders, a narco-poetry is discovering the mystery of things hidden and sacred. References to Surrealism, esotericism and art brut are initiating us into the shamanic art of parallel worlds.


photo 2



pionnier 4

François Bernard’s Trends Space on Maison & Objet January 2013 explores the modalities of emotional comfort in which craft is first.

pionnier 1

 Here’s to tomorrow! Emerging technologies are tracing the territories of an innovative new world. Against the grain of déjà vu, modernity is sending a gentle change into orbit, activating our imaginations. Innovation is speeding up positive energies in all fields of design. Materials and their performance are sketching out a future in which the senses and sensuality are combined. With fluidity and light, we are exploring new ways of living. Tomorrow is already here.

pionnier 3

pionnier 2