Design Trend : Precious

Precious Trend Maison&Objet 1

For this September edition, Maison&Objet inaugurates a new formula of its inspirations spaces around the theme « Precious. »

Henceforth, the three style offices members of the Observatory will follow one another at each session. They will develop a overall theme in a new space compound of a inspirations forum, a pop-up bookstore and a conference room. Elizabeth Leriche has the honor to open the ball.

Precious Trend Maison&Objet 2

Precious Trend Maison&Objet 3

Tamara Barrage « Second Skins »

Precious Trend Maison&Objet 4

Barnabé Fillon & Unfold « Seo of Tranquility », olfactive installation

The ways of precious are numerous and wonderful. They have the beauty of the rare and wonder us about the ultimate luxury. What is really precious?

it immediately evokes the cut stones, the mysterious crimped, sublimation of materials by the genius of man. In art, the precious presents a character of great delicacy, gloss or wealth. It is often associated to gold, mirrors and ornaments. But even if all that is valuable is precious, precious is not the same for all.

Precious Trend Maison&Objet 5

Nathanael Le Berre  » L’infini »

Precious Trend Maison&Objet 6

Based Upon  » Fragmented Crac »

Precious Trend Maison&Objet 7

Precious Trend Maison&Objet 8

Lionel Esteve « A Wander »

« I really wanted to evoke the precious of the nature.  » Elizabeth Leriche

Precious Trend Maison&Objet 9

Formafantasma « yours and ours »

Precious Trend Maison&Objet 10

The ephemeral bookshop, directed by Vincent Gregory of Nelly Rodi the agency offers a selection of works illustrating the theme of the bibliography and consultation space specifications inspirations.

Bookstore Precious Maison&Objet


Design Trends: Techno Made

Techno Made Vincent Grégoire Nelly Rodi Maison et Objet 1

Vincent Grégoire for Nelly Rodi’s Trends Space on Maison & Objet January 2015 put forward the technology in the making…

Techno Made Vincent Grégoire Nelly Rodi Maison et Objet 2
The hand, the tool of a new luxury, touches and transforms. From the alphabet of materials and the grammar of technique, the savoir-faire of neo-craftspersons writes sensitive and rare objects. These works demonstrate radical singularity beyond their function. The art of making is freeing the object itself from the mundane, thus giving it the possibility to leave its mark upon time.

Techno Made Vincent Grégoire Nelly Rodi Maison et Objet 3
The metamorphoses that separate the raw material from the finished piece illustrate a vast and fascinating range of savoir-faire. The hand plays the leading role in the theatre of technique. A tool of the mind, we assign it its own intelligence, with knowledge shared and enriched from one generation to the next. The world of luxury gives new life to its value by bearing witness to the steps required to realise exceptional products. Similarly, designers overwhelmingly endorse the sensuality and singularity to which such objects give rise, as a counterpoint to globalisation.

Techno Made Vincent Grégoire Nelly Rodi Maison et Objet 4

Techno Made Vincent Grégoire Nelly Rodi Maison et Objet 5

Techno Made Vincent Grégoire Nelly Rodi Maison et Objet 6

Techno Made Vincent Grégoire Nelly Rodi Maison et Objet 7

Techno Made Vincent Grégoire Nelly Rodi Maison et Objet 8


Design Trends: Smart Life

Smart Life Nelly Rodi MO14 1

Vincent Grégoire for Nelly Rodi’s Trends Space on Maison & Objet september 2014 shares information in a setting that recalls the Last Supper of Christ (but with naked women models!)…

Smart Life Nelly Rodi MO14 2

 Digital cultures are switching codes and the everyday scenarios of being together. Everything is becoming information and subject to exchange and sharing. Video games, digital art, music, and food are creating fun, interactive worlds that are modeling new creative expressions. Objects that connect us are helping make life more friendly, warm and colorful.

Smart Life Nelly Rodi MO14 3

Smart Life Nelly Rodi MO14 4

Smart Life Nelly Rodi MO14 5

Smart Life Nelly Rodi MO14 6

Let’s Share…

inspirations trends sharing

This edition of Spetember 2014, the Observatoire de MAISON&OBJET has clicked on the “share” icon and is reflecting the latest influences in design and decoration. With the running theme “Sharing”, it explores the dynamics of “creative sharing” and foresees a benevolent future. Our era is clicking on the “Share” icon. Generation G for Generosity is bashing cynicism and liking “We”. New uses and values are reconfiguring ways of living together, exchanging information, goods, services and experiences. In the digital age, networking information is producing new tools with emerging practices in an economy of collaboration and cooperation. We are seeing a dynamic of creative sharing which is programming the future of a caring world.

Luna Park

Santa monica 1

If Santa Monica is known to be the end of the legendary Road 66. I’m mostly went there for the Luna Park. Installed on the Pier, this place will take you back to your childhood with all its neon lights, its Ferris wheel and the colorful cuddy toys.

Santa monica 2

I take this opportunity to tell you about this trend inspired by amusement parks, The agency Nelly Rodi named it « Funt@sy ». In the current context, we want to play down. The style is thumbing its nose at serious and makes life more cheerful. We allow all boldness, in a world of fun fair and entertaining. We find this inspiration in designers like Jeremy Scott, whose the first collection for Moschino was a great success. So ended the greyness, we dare Pop prints, flashy colors, and we put a little humor in our daily. Brief as Pharrel Williams said in his song « Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth! « 

Santa monica 3

Santa monica 4

Santa monica 5

Santa monica 6


If you want more inspiration for the trend « Luna Park », I’ve prepared a board on Pinterest.


Vincent Grégoire for Nelly Rodi’s Trends Space on Maison & Objet january 2014 explores Elsewhere in abysses and space…

beyond 1

Immediate boarding for the most final distant lands. At the edges of space or in oceanic depths, we are diving into the unknown. A contemporary cabinet of curiosities is bringing together sea-punks and mermaids in mid- water, robots and astronauts searching for new frontiers. The infinitely far is opening up new vistas for creation. A bizarre beauty, strange and mysterious, stellar and astonishing.

beyond 2

Katerina Smomikova – Skyphos chandelier

beyond 3

beyond 4

beyond 5

Charlie Le Mindu



beyond 6

Nendo for Lasvit – X-ray vase

beyond 7

beyond 8

Tzuri Gueta – Minnodière

Miss Etoile – Glass Bell

Keep on eye!

eye kenzo

After imposing the tiger pattern on all tops of fashinistas, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, artistic directors of Kenzo, flooding  the fashion scene with a new talisman: an eye. This symbol of protection bodes a year full of hope always in the trend  « Yes Future! » announced by Nelly Rodi . Graphic and full of positive vibes, I want to print it everywhere. To inspire you, I have created a board on Pinterest. So this winter keep on eye!