Sweat Cheese


After the madness of the Cupcake, it’s the turn of the cheesecake to be the « IT dessert. » Even the French pastry chefs as Philippe Conticini or Jacques Genin enrolled it in their menu. In brasseries, it invites side to the burned creams. If France is doing well, the temple of CheeseCake remains New York and the best of the city is undoubtedly one of Eileen. In his tiny shop in Nolita, cake with Philadelphia cream is king. Individual version, to share, with fruits or the traditional vanilla, they are all delicious! Dieting girls beware!

Eileen’s Special Cheesecake

17 Cleveland Pl, New York, NY 10012, USA



Surfing USA


And no, surfing is no longer restricted to the California coast! The shops are multiplying like hotcakes in New York. But beware, finish the beach boy style in Hawain shirt, in Saturday – the first surf shop in New York- is grown rather hipster look with beanies, caps and t-shirt in collaboration with Parisian concept store Colette. Small detail, great pleasures : this shop’s got a beautiful terrace where you can enjoy a latte while watching the buildings of SoHo.


31 Crosby Street, New York, NY 10013, USA


The taste of Jamaica

Miss lily

This is the madness of juicing in New York, everyone do a Detox cure with fruit and vegetables freshly squeezed. I still hesitate to start this mono-diet: godsend or fad??? In any case, at Miss Lily’s, juices are so good that you could drink it all day. Plus I love the Jamaican dinner style with its wall of fresh and organic fruits, it seems to always be sunny even when it’s snowing outside.

Miss Lily’s – Melvin’s juice box

132 W Houston St, New York, NY 10012, USA


Mama Mia!!


Among the restaurants not to miss in New York, I advise you Parm. In a retro setting with a 50’s wallpaper, neon lights and Formica tables, the chiefs Rich Torrisi and Mario Carbone serve typical Italian-American food at reasonable prices. The dishes are plentiful nd tasty. I particularly liked the Home made mozzarella, the garlic bread « deluxe », the fried calamari and the warm mini donuts with jam. At the end of the meal, I thought my stomach to explode!


248 Mulberry St, Manhattan, NY 10012, USA


Sugar Shoot

Magnolia bakery

Known throughout the world for its cupcakes, Magnolia Bakery opened its doors in 1996. This is the pastry of stars from their passages in several TV shows like « Sex and the City. » You can not eat in but there is a lovely little park just across the road where you can sit. Personally, I prefer their cheese cakes: sugar bomblets that I recommend to share because of their size. Dieting girls abstain!

Magnolia Bakery

401 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10014, USA

Woolen Paradise


How would I describe to you my state when I discovered this shop during a stroll in Soho? Hysterical, perhaps? I’m not very manual but I love needlework particularly knitting. Little girl already, I was fascinated by haberdasheries: jars of beads, buttons, fabrics coupons … Purl look like a child’s dream for me with its shelves wool classified by colors, huge choice of materials from cotton to cashmere. After half an hour to turn in the shop, I set my heart on fifteen skeins of wool that have struggled to get into my suitcase. Besides the nice presentation in shop, Purl has a website very well done with free tutorials and e-shop that delivers internationally. What happiness!

459 Broome Street
New York, NY 10013


On the roof…

Standard hotel

A cocktail at sunset on a roof top bar is a New York tradition as an aperitif on a terrace in Paris. The standard has certainly one of the most beautiful panoramas with its 360 ° view and its situation in Meatpacking at the beginning of the High Line. Everything could be perfect with live jazz band, the masterful central bar, very design but … The service is deplorable! I hate this kind of place where the staff takes you up as if it was the stars themselves. This snobbery is quite common in some fashionable place in New York, it has especially the gift to irritate me. I could tell you about the architect, designers who worked on this  boutique hotel (I loved the videos in the elevator) but I was so disappointed that I did not say anything! Last thing… Caution ! The gatekeeper will deny the access to the bar if you are in sneakers even if they are Chanel or Hermes.


Standard Hotel

848 Washington St, New York, NY 10014, USA