Design Trend: Wild

Design tends MO16 WILD 1

For this January edition, Maison&Objet presented its inspirations spaces around the theme « Wild » with a scenography designed by François Bernard.

Design tends MO16 WILD 2

Between threat of disappearance and hope for revival, nature takes over, expressing itself in all its first states, from the wild to the sacred. Confronted with a world formatted by technology, urbanization and excessive domestication, the imaginary gets wilder off the beaten tracks, and finds refuge in the innocence of an essential, preserved landscape, untouched. Contemporary creation convenes wild spirits. We return to the forest to reset. Forms and materials reconnect with elements to be in line with Mother Earth. The wild poetic gleans the elementary, the raw, the misshapen, the corroded, the burnt, the scarified. We reinject some nature into the urban space, in search of new wastelands. As shamans, designers call upon the magic of spirits and supernatural forces.

Design tends MO16 WILD 3

Design tends MO16 WILD 4

Design tends MO16 WILD 5


The inspirations spaces was completed by a Bookstore in partnership with the 107 Rivoli and a coffee shop that offered some hot drinks devised by Marc Brétillot like a delicious coffee with cardamom, angelica roots and coal . All of this part was presented in a scenography by Elizabeth Leriche.

Design tends MO16 WILD 7

Design tends MO16 WILD 8

Design tends MO16 WILD 9


Design Trend : Precious

Precious Trend Maison&Objet 1

For this September edition, Maison&Objet inaugurates a new formula of its inspirations spaces around the theme « Precious. »

Henceforth, the three style offices members of the Observatory will follow one another at each session. They will develop a overall theme in a new space compound of a inspirations forum, a pop-up bookstore and a conference room. Elizabeth Leriche has the honor to open the ball.

Precious Trend Maison&Objet 2

Precious Trend Maison&Objet 3

Tamara Barrage « Second Skins »

Precious Trend Maison&Objet 4

Barnabé Fillon & Unfold « Seo of Tranquility », olfactive installation

The ways of precious are numerous and wonderful. They have the beauty of the rare and wonder us about the ultimate luxury. What is really precious?

it immediately evokes the cut stones, the mysterious crimped, sublimation of materials by the genius of man. In art, the precious presents a character of great delicacy, gloss or wealth. It is often associated to gold, mirrors and ornaments. But even if all that is valuable is precious, precious is not the same for all.

Precious Trend Maison&Objet 5

Nathanael Le Berre  » L’infini »

Precious Trend Maison&Objet 6

Based Upon  » Fragmented Crac »

Precious Trend Maison&Objet 7

Precious Trend Maison&Objet 8

Lionel Esteve « A Wander »

« I really wanted to evoke the precious of the nature.  » Elizabeth Leriche

Precious Trend Maison&Objet 9

Formafantasma « yours and ours »

Precious Trend Maison&Objet 10

The ephemeral bookshop, directed by Vincent Gregory of Nelly Rodi the agency offers a selection of works illustrating the theme of the bibliography and consultation space specifications inspirations.

Bookstore Precious Maison&Objet

Fashion K.O.

fashion ko

After yoga and surfing, boxing has become the new fashionable sport. Whether on the catwalk, in gyms or Instagram, it seduces for its many benefits and modern philosophy. It seems to be an appropriate response to well being issues of the urban assets in an increasingly demanding society. Gym clubs multiply versions like Adi-Boxing or Body Combat to fit both female and male expectations. Sculpting the body, forging the mind, this sport has already conquered numerous celebrities like Adriana Lima and Alexandra Rosenfeld. Cara Delavingne and Karlie Kloss appear with gloves on social networks. Boxing also invites itself on the catwalks like in the collection Alexander Wang X H&M or the Chanel campaign for Fall/ Winter 2014/15. Karl Lagerfeld is inspired by it for his collaboration with Louis Vuitton. Moncler Gamme Bleue has made its theme about it for its spring/summer 2015 fashion show . To fetch some inspiration, I’ve prepared a mood board on pinterest.


What's Gabber?

There a few weeks ago, I went to a « Gabber » party at Trabendo in Paris. Even if I know hardcore techno and the mythic Thunderdome Festival, I was particularly surprised by the style of the participants: a mix between the movie « Thunderdome » and the output of a gym class. But first of all what is the Gabber? The word comes from the Yiddish. It means « friends ». It is a movement from the techno music culture. It was born in the Netherlands in the 90’s and its only motto is « Party Hard ». In fact, it gives a cheerful band of friends who dance Hakken (a kind of bouncing jitter) on ​​music boosted at least 180bpm. Today,  Gabber spirit is still alives in Trap Music  and groups such as Die Antwoord. From a style standpoint, the gabber like comfort: jogging, bomber jacket, candy colors, Nike Air max, sports bra and ponytail with shaved neck for the ladies. Not very glamorous at first, but with the revival of the 90s, designers are inspired by the movement like Karl Lagerfeld with his collection Autumn / Winter 2015 for Chanel. This trend breathes new life into sportswear. Nike recovers the Air Max 1. Bomber’s comeback and made shadow to Teddy jacket. The croped top is a hit! This summer fashion trend is sporty. So to stand out, I advise you to boost your look at 200BMP and be Hardcore!!! To inspire you, I prepared a board on Pinterest.


Vincent Grégoire for Nelly Rodi’s Trends Space on Maison & Objet january 2014 explores Elsewhere in abysses and space…

beyond 1

Immediate boarding for the most final distant lands. At the edges of space or in oceanic depths, we are diving into the unknown. A contemporary cabinet of curiosities is bringing together sea-punks and mermaids in mid- water, robots and astronauts searching for new frontiers. The infinitely far is opening up new vistas for creation. A bizarre beauty, strange and mysterious, stellar and astonishing.

beyond 2

Katerina Smomikova – Skyphos chandelier

beyond 3

beyond 4

beyond 5

Charlie Le Mindu



beyond 6

Nendo for Lasvit – X-ray vase

beyond 7

beyond 8

Tzuri Gueta – Minnodière

Miss Etoile – Glass Bell


François Bernard’s Trends Space on Maison & Objet january 2014 tans elsewhere under the Sun

heliotropic 2

A solar art of living is wandering through enclaves that are festive or quiet, transgressive or meditative, in an often somber time. Hotly blazing suns are like the metal of a blade taken from the embers. Midnight suns, white nights, cold suns gleaming like mercury. The heavenly body that is the sun is irradiating creation. It is divine, artsy, sexy, sometimes kitschy and eccentric, luxurious and joyful. Irresistibly hot.

heliotropic 1

In this trend space, the objects are presented in a movie that you look installed in a deckchair.

Let’s dance!!!


« Alors on sort pour oublier tous les problèmes. Alors on danse! » as Stromae’s song says . It is also a little message that we issued during the last fashion week in Paris. From Rick Owens to Jean Paul Gaultier, we danced on fashion shows. Is it a way to make us forget the crisis? Or just to make us smile? Is this a new idea of Michel Obama to make us move? In any case the trend is here! So do you like to move it move it?